Implementation of divisional steering committee meetings

·         *Conducting the Divisional Coordinating Committee

·         *Conducting the Divisional Agriculture Committee

·         *Conducting the Environmental Committee

    Implement the following programs

·         *Centralized Budget Programme

·         *Rural  Infrastructure development program

·         *Regional level Construction of Non Turf Concrete Practice Pitch (Side Wickets)

·         *Providing donations for temples affected by bad weather

·         *Religious places development

·         *Rehabilitation of roads damaged due to floods and landslides

·         *Rural energies Program

·         *Rural Economic Development Program

·         *Southern Regional Development Program

·         *Program for upgrading Difficult temples

·         *The “Nila Sevana”construction

·         *Multispectral Action Plan for Nutrition

·         *Sanitary Ware for toilet construction

    Other Line Ministries Affairs (Provincial Council and Central Government)

·         Rural Economic Development

·         Enterprise development activities

·         Export Development Activities

·         Rural Development Activities

·         Small irrigation development activities

·         Census and statistics

     Registration of contractors 

     Preparation of estimates for development projects

     Supervision of the activities of the Development Officers attached to the divisions

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