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Our Vision

"Be The Excellent Public Service Provider In The Nation."

Our Mission

"Delighted Customer By Providing Our Services Efficiently And Effectively To Our Customers According To Government Rules And Regulations In The Pleasant Attractive Work Environment Hence Improving Economic Development Of The Nation."


Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat is located at the northern boundary of the Galle District and is also known as Benkara Walallavita Koralaya East and Wellabadapattuwa North. East longitude is between 80.7 and 80.15 and northern latitude is between 6.12 and 6.22.

The Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat is made up of 51 districts bordering the Katara District in the North, Niyagama Divisional Secretariat in the North East and East, Welivitiya Divithura and Karandeniya Divisional Secretariats in the South and West and the Benthara Divisional Secretariat in the North Western Province.

The land area of Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat is 15190 hectares. That is 151.9 square kilometers. Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat which is spread over 9.1 percent of the total land area of the Galle District is the fourth largest of the 19 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in the district.

In the Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat area, people are engaged in the cultivation of major export crops such as tea, rubber, coconut, minor export crops such as cinnamon and pepper, paddy cultivation and home gardening, as well as animal husbandry such as cattle rearing and poultry rearing.

The Beraliya Reserve is the main and largest natural forest in the area and is home to endemic flora and fauna as well as the Adahalena Falls which enhances the beauty of the area.

The main objective of the institute is to provide public services in line with the Mahinda Chinthana Vision for the Future, to implement the provisions imposed by the state machinery to achieve the objectives of developing infrastructure and making the home economy self-sufficient.


Former Divisional Secretaries/Assistant Government Agents Who Worked In Elpitiya







Assistant Government Agent




Divisional Secretary




Divisional Secretary




Divisional Secretary




Divisional Secretary




Divisional Secretary



Mr.R.C.da Soysa

Divisional Secretary



Mrs.G.Anusha Batawala

Divisional Secretary

2008.10.02 To 2012.03.02


Mr.N.A.K.L Wijenayake

Divisional Secretary

2012.03.02 To 2017.01.11


Mr. S.K.W.Sisira Kumara

Divisional Secretary

2017.01.12  To 2020.01.02


Mrs. Suseema Kariyawasam

Divisional Secretary

2020.01.08 to 2021.03.01

12 Mr Charhuranga Gunasekara Divisional Secretary 2021.03.04 to from



With the inactivity of the Public Service Commission, the Establishments Division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs will be responsible for all policy parties involved in the public sector institutional affairs.

Policies and innovations based on Cabinet decisions or legal provisions are usually published in Public Administration Circulars.


History of Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat

This office was established around 1969 as a Revenue Controller's Office at a house at 11th Mile Junction, Pitigala Road, Elpitiya. It was then maintained as an Assistant Government Agent's Office in a building on Page Road.

Subsequently, with the devolution of power by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, Divisional Secretariats were established. This office was established on its present location with the conversion of it into a Divisional Secretariat. AP Amaratunga was the first Divisional Secretary of the Divisional Secretariat established at its present location.
An Assistant Divisional Secretary and an Accountant were first appointed to this Divisional Secretariat in 1991. 


 When coming from Colombo on the Galle Road when passing Alutgama Town around 1 km away turn left at Kahambiliyakanda Junction and come about 27 km on the Elpitiya Road to the Elpitiya Hospital Junction and turn to your left and around 50 m on to the Right is the Divisional Secretariat.  (In front of Government Hospital, Elpitiya)

When coming from Galle on the Colombo Road about 11 km away is the Kumarakanda Junction.Then turn to your right and come around 30 km and when you pass Elpitiya Town is the Elpitiya Hospital Junction and turn to your left and around 50 m on to the Right is the Divisional Secretariat.  (In front of Government Hospital, Elpitiya)

When coming from Ambalangoda on the Colombo Road you find Dharmasoka College ½ km away. Turn to your right and come about 16 km on the Elpitiya road to the Elpitiya Hospital Junction and turn to your left and around 50 m on to the Right is the Divisional Secretariat.  (In front of Government Hospital, Elpitiya)

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